31 August, 2011

Adele's party invites

Adele will be 1 (!) in less than a month!! Oh my goodness!! We are having a small party for her with our families in October. Her party also happens to fall on Tim's birthday so I will have to work out something special to do for him too. :)

Anyway, the theme for her party is pinwheels. I LOVE pinwheels and have been busily making them over the last few nights. So, here are her invites...

I wanted to make the invites really fresh and clean. The fabric is very busy so I didn't want much else on the invite. I've done 3 different colours.

I've also used some super cute flower buttons for the pinwheels centers.

Here's another party sneak peek...

These are teeny tiny! It's sitting on one of the crossbeams of my fence paling. It's about 8cm by 7cm. I'm only using the white one's in the pic below but LOVE this yellow one so had to add this pic too. :)

So, watch this space... I have plans for these absolutely gorgeous little tin buckets!! :)
In other news...

I can't keep Adele away from the CD's. Looks like it's time to move them to higher ground!! ;)

Am about to tackle mount 'Washmore'

I have the most handsome son in all the world... this is not up for debate... ;)
Ok... till next time,


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