24 August, 2011

Trial dress for a little precious one...

My precious Adele is nearly 11months, which means that she is nearly 1!! Really?!? 1!?!?! How did that happen?!?! I decided to buy a few patterns from etsy to use as base patterns for dresses for her and some other little precious girls in our family (Christmas is coming after all!!). I bought this pattern from etsy The Saturday Morning Dress. I was really happy with the instructions and the general pattern. I added some gathering to the sleeves and will be altering the pattern in a few more ways next time as it is really hard to get off. Anyway... here's how it turned out...

I don't know why but the button is one of my fave features! I love that it's so perfect and white and round! It's so fresh with the aqua and white polka dot!

Speaking of Adele... while I was taking pics of her dress she got herself stuck in a drawer. It's a hard life being a baby! :)
I've been working on a fair bit of crafty stuff so will post some more stuff soon...

Happy crafting!


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