19 August, 2011

Lachie is...

Please excuse me if I take a few moments to talk about Mummy stuff... if kid related stuff bores you then now is your opportunity to sign out... ;)

My boy lachie is 3 and has been a 'challenge' in every area of his life since he was born. I have struggled with every aspect of being a Mum and am having a particularly rough time at the moment. Generally I am a very positive person but am feeling far from it at the moment. Kids are hard people!!! But before I go off into a child related rant I'd like to talk about everything that I love about my son.

Lachlan is...

Kind Hearted
Gentle with animals
Generous spirited
Extremely cute
Lots of fun
Full of life
A bright jewel in my life
Full of Imagination

I am thankful for the gift of such a boy! He is truly precious! I am completely committed to parenting him well so that he can grow into an amazing man. I am all too aware that I am only human and am not able to do that on my own. Thank you Jesus for your daily strength, a wonderful husband and your gift of friendship.

Thanks for listening!! :)

Kerryn xx


  1. Anonymous8/19/2011

    Hi Kerryn! I just wanted to say how much I love your blog and how clever I think you are! I don't know how you manage it with two kids, my scrapbooking stuff spends a lot of time gathering dust in the cupboard :-)

    x Susan

  2. Kerryn,

    As always, I am one of your biggest fans. Parenting, crafting - you attack everything with gusto!


  3. Thanks gals!! Su, I've seen some of your scapbooking, it's gorgeous!! :) Thanks for the all round encouragement. Much needed! :)

  4. Hey hey, didn't realise you had a blog! My sister is little red ribbon and cousin is Grace designs all handmade crafty blogs.I started a blog on Chloe ages ago but haven't quite kept up with it :) Yes agreed kids can be so hard! we are going through the refusal stage at the moment...argg. I read proverbs the other day and boy i needed it! I always thought (being a preschool teacher) my child would be so polite and well behaved..I was so wrong ..they have a mind of their own.:) Hang in there,your a great mum xx love to the gang