02 February, 2012

3 new pretty necklaces...

So I haven't been very well lately and haven't had a whole lot of energy to sew but I've still had the earth shattering desire to create... I just needed to be able to do it on the couch. :)

So, I got out my box of beads and took a trip to the bead shop for some extra bits and pieces (don't tell the husband) and got beading.

The first necklace I have to show you is one that I got some inspiration for via pinterest. I would love to show you the source pic but I can't find it... I still haven't quite worked pinterest out. Anyway, I made a few changes to the one I saw... anyway... here it is...

Oh... before you look at the pics can I apologise for the multiple chesty pics and the ugly maternity bra strap poking out... please ignore!! ;)

 This next pic you can see it matched up with my new fave pair of earrings that I made.

This next one is probably my fave of the 3. It is so easy to wear and can be worn a few different ways. It's one mega long strand of super awesome turquoise seed beads with some gorgeous silver beads, not too shiny, not too dull... perfection! You can wear it as a long strand...

Or you can wrap it round 4 times for a shorter, fuller look...

Again, paired with my fave new earrings...

 Here's number 3... YELLOW!!!

Ok, that's all... :)


01 February, 2012

Crayon Roll For A Special Friend

We've just been to the party of one of Lachie's precious little friends and wanted to make her something special for her birthday. She loves art and craft so I thought I'd go with a crayon roll. I've never made one before and love trying new things. After looking at a few images of crayon rolls I was pretty confident that I could design it myself. It was a reasonably simple project but involved LOTS of precise measuring, so took a lot longer than I originally thought it would.

Anyway, totally worth it... :)

Here it is...

I made a little felt back rose and hot glued it to the elastic for a bit of extra decoration.

Each crayon/pencil has it's own little spot. so precise and organised. ;)
 That's it for today and hopefully I can start sewing for myself now that the January madness is over!! ;)