18 January, 2012

Baby shower gift # 2

So here's the gift for the second baby shower I went to this weekend...
This little lady is Nellie. ;) I also made a matching bib and card. 

I wanted to make something to give to my friend that was just for her... not for the baby. So I made her some little earrings and put them in this little cute pouch.
The earrings were the aqua ones in this pic. :)
There you go... baby shower gift #2... complete!! :)

Short and sweet! ;)


17 January, 2012

Baby shower gift # 1... Betsie & coordinating gifts

Yesterday I shared some pics of my two new friends, Betsie and Nelly. Here's a pic of the other gifts that went with Betsie.

I made a matching bib and fabric covered journal to go with Betsie. I will be printing out the photos I took at the baby shower for my friend to stick in the journal and then she can use it to jot down all the babies milestones.

You may notice that Betsie only has one ear... Hmmm... I had to sew the second ear on at my friends house while I was setting up for the shower... But... I left the ear at home!!!! AHHHH!!! Soooo... I wrapped Betsie up and had to explain in front of a room full of ladies that Betsie's other ear was inconveniently back at my place... hahahaha... not to worry... :) Oh the joys of handmaking gifts. :)

Stay tuned for the second baby shower gift. :)


16 January, 2012

Introducing... Nelly and Betsie

I have two new little friends to introduce you to. These little ladies came to life over the last week and have been named Nelly and Betsie. Nelly and Betsie were made for two special ladies who had baby showers over the weekend. I co-hosted one of the baby showers and attended the others.

So, let me introduce you to my two new little friends...

Here they are Betsie on the left and Nelly on the right. :)
Betsie enjoys quiet cuddles, long romps in the jungle & quick splashes in river. Nelly likes listening to R&B, salsa dancing & short skirts. 

I hope you've enjoyed meeting Nelly and Betsie, I also made a few matching gifts to go with them, I'll post some extra pics of the matching gifts over the next few days. :)

That's all,


10 January, 2012

Things that make me happy...

Sometimes life is less than ideal... we are in a 'less than ideal' patch at the moment. BUT... there are still so many thing that make me smile!! This post is dedicated to all the wonderful things in life that have made me smile over the last few days....

So, in no particular order, here they are...

This very handsome man. :)

A precious sleeping Lachie

A very cheeky Adele having fun with hair accessories ;)

Unexpected flowers delivered by a friend. Thanks Jmack. :)

My new loves... resin flowers and jewellery findings... I have LOTS of plans for these babies...

Here are a few simple things I've made for myself with the resin flowers. Soooooo pretty.... :)

My new love.... Tim suprised me with this recently. I have been wanting, needing, desiring, dreaming about... ok just plain coveting this for ages!! My man got it for me!!!! Ahhhhhhhhh!!!!! I'm loving getting to know her and working out how she works. She's so lovely! She's not named yet... I'm open to suggestions. ;)

Last but NOT least, I am super happy to finally be able to put up a photo of me in this dress. After losing some of the dreaded  chocolate baby weight, I am now happy to show you this dress with me in it!! :) Here's the original post with all the details of the dress. :) Yay for losing weight and feeling better! ;)
Ok... that's all...

I hope this post has inspired you to look for the things that make you smile! Writing this has inspired me to search for the good things again today. :) :) :)


05 January, 2012

Handmake Christmas 2011, gift 11... piece de resistance!!

As the post name suggests I am particularly happy with this last Christmas gift. It was dreamt up a number of months ago and was for my Mum. My Mum lives on a large property and LOVES to garden. She uses a wheelbarrow to transport lots of tools, manure, compost, wood chip etc. She's a very organised person and so the idea of her heaping everything into the one wheelbarrow just doesn't sit right with me. So I decided to to make her a 'wheelbarrow caddy'. I wanted something to hook over the handles of her wheelbarrow that she could store all her tools in, as well as her phone, water bottle and gloves. I wanted to choose a fabric that was both waterproof and hardy, so I chose some oilcloth. I had never used oilcloth before and have to say that it is a little tricky to work with, but I got there in the end. I got some great tips from this website.

So I designed the 'wheelbarrow caddy'. It has two sides to use all available space and the straps loop over the handles of the wheelbarrow and will have a snap closure.

Introducing... the 'wheelbarrow caddy'...

I also added some embellishment to a new set of her favourite gloves for a giggle. :) P.S Please ignore the horribly dirty table that I have stupidly taken all the photographs on... ;)
This side stores her phone, water bottle, gloves and has a large section for other miscellaneous stuff.

This side stores her 3 favourite gardening tools. 

So, there it is. I don't have a pic of it in action yet, but will get one and post it when I can. :)

Ok, that's it!! That's all 11 Christmas gifts done... phew... it was quite an effort... now to put my feet up and relax... NOT! I've got 2 baby showers and a gazillion birthdays in January. Not to mention the skirt and 2 dresses that I want to make myself!! back to the sewing machine I go... ;)

See ya...


04 January, 2012

Handmake Christmas 2011 - Gift 8,9 & 10... PJ pants

I know I've already posted about these fun men's PJ pants before, but I thought I give you a quick review. I made these for the special men in my family. They are super fun and each fabric was chosen specifically for the recipient. They were very well received. :)

I know this is a big call, but I am pretty confident in saying that this is my favourite fabric of all time! 80's mixed tapes!!! AWESOME!!!
It's a bit tricky to see but this is pac man fabric... ummmm... awesome!! :)

organic cotton featuring some super bright planes

I absolutely LOVE all the fabrics, they are super fun!! Most of the time it's only the ladies that get handmade goods... so it was fun spending some time on the boys!!

Tomorrow is the last of my Christmas gifts and I've left one of my favourites till last. ;)

Till then, happy crafting!


03 January, 2012

Handmake Christmas 2011, Gift 7... dress up clothes on steroids...

Ok, I know this post has a slightly weird name, but let me explain... I wanted to make my little 3 year old niece some dress up clothes for her Christmas gift. I had seen this absolutely divine dress from the icandy handmade blog. It was stuck in my mind as one of the most beautiful dresses I had ever seen. I wanted to take the gorgeous petal design, use some fabulous, sparkly fabric add a sash, wand and crown... and... tada... whip up some awesome kids dress up clothes!!

Problem... the skirt took FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Once I'd finished the skirt and attached it to the tshirt (bought from target) I simply didn't have the time for the wand and crown. So it's halfway between dress up clothes and halfway between party clothes. I've affectionately named the outfit 'dress up clothes on steroids'.

Ok, blah blah blah... here it is...

without the sash
the shiny little petal skirt

pretty little flower on the tshirt

So, there it is... :)

I did a little, girly squeal when it all came together. I really enjoyed making something a little bit fun for my niece. So often we dress our kids in serious, adult style clothing. So this outfit is just for fun! :) And who knows... I might get the crown and wand made one day. :)

Until tomorrow...


02 January, 2012

Handmake Christmas 2011 - Gift 6... the last handbag!!

Ok, ok... so I made a few handbags. I've been sewing less than a year and handbags are something that I feel are lovely gifts, can be matched to the different tastes/personalities of each recipient and are achievable for a beginner like me. :)

This one was for my Mother-in-law. I nearly fell over when I saw the fabric.  Have you every had one of those 'gift finding' moments where you just want to scream "IT. IS. SO. PERFECT!!!!!" and then run to the counter and buy it, no matter the cost??? No??? Well, I have! When I walked past this gorgeous decorator weight fabric and saw the beautiful black and caramel stripes I knew it was for her and then i opened up the bolt of fabric and noticed that it had a wide decorative edge... I nearly fell over, the colours were perfect for her! So, the decorative edge became the lining for her bag. PER-FEC-TION!!!

Ok, before I get too carried away...

here it is...

Hello gorgeous lining fabric!! Could you be any more perfect?!?!?

So... there it is... the last of my Christmas handbags...

Stay tuned for more handmade goodness tomorrow.


Handmake Christmas 2011 - Gift 5... little dress #2

A few days ago I shared some pics of a dress I made for one of my precious nieces. I made the same dress for the cheekiest member in the gorgeous trio of cousins. When i saw the fabric I knew straight away it was for her. Like the other little dress, I am super happy with the results. :)

Here it is...

As with the other dress, I really wish I ironed it before taking this photograph!!

How sweet is the fabric?!?!?! LOVE!!!

Gorgeous little fabric covered button at the back. :)

Ok, that's it. :)