03 January, 2012

Handmake Christmas 2011, Gift 7... dress up clothes on steroids...

Ok, I know this post has a slightly weird name, but let me explain... I wanted to make my little 3 year old niece some dress up clothes for her Christmas gift. I had seen this absolutely divine dress from the icandy handmade blog. It was stuck in my mind as one of the most beautiful dresses I had ever seen. I wanted to take the gorgeous petal design, use some fabulous, sparkly fabric add a sash, wand and crown... and... tada... whip up some awesome kids dress up clothes!!

Problem... the skirt took FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Once I'd finished the skirt and attached it to the tshirt (bought from target) I simply didn't have the time for the wand and crown. So it's halfway between dress up clothes and halfway between party clothes. I've affectionately named the outfit 'dress up clothes on steroids'.

Ok, blah blah blah... here it is...

without the sash
the shiny little petal skirt

pretty little flower on the tshirt

So, there it is... :)

I did a little, girly squeal when it all came together. I really enjoyed making something a little bit fun for my niece. So often we dress our kids in serious, adult style clothing. So this outfit is just for fun! :) And who knows... I might get the crown and wand made one day. :)

Until tomorrow...


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