04 January, 2012

Handmake Christmas 2011 - Gift 8,9 & 10... PJ pants

I know I've already posted about these fun men's PJ pants before, but I thought I give you a quick review. I made these for the special men in my family. They are super fun and each fabric was chosen specifically for the recipient. They were very well received. :)

I know this is a big call, but I am pretty confident in saying that this is my favourite fabric of all time! 80's mixed tapes!!! AWESOME!!!
It's a bit tricky to see but this is pac man fabric... ummmm... awesome!! :)

organic cotton featuring some super bright planes

I absolutely LOVE all the fabrics, they are super fun!! Most of the time it's only the ladies that get handmade goods... so it was fun spending some time on the boys!!

Tomorrow is the last of my Christmas gifts and I've left one of my favourites till last. ;)

Till then, happy crafting!


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