10 January, 2012

Things that make me happy...

Sometimes life is less than ideal... we are in a 'less than ideal' patch at the moment. BUT... there are still so many thing that make me smile!! This post is dedicated to all the wonderful things in life that have made me smile over the last few days....

So, in no particular order, here they are...

This very handsome man. :)

A precious sleeping Lachie

A very cheeky Adele having fun with hair accessories ;)

Unexpected flowers delivered by a friend. Thanks Jmack. :)

My new loves... resin flowers and jewellery findings... I have LOTS of plans for these babies...

Here are a few simple things I've made for myself with the resin flowers. Soooooo pretty.... :)

My new love.... Tim suprised me with this recently. I have been wanting, needing, desiring, dreaming about... ok just plain coveting this for ages!! My man got it for me!!!! Ahhhhhhhhh!!!!! I'm loving getting to know her and working out how she works. She's so lovely! She's not named yet... I'm open to suggestions. ;)

Last but NOT least, I am super happy to finally be able to put up a photo of me in this dress. After losing some of the dreaded  chocolate baby weight, I am now happy to show you this dress with me in it!! :) Here's the original post with all the details of the dress. :) Yay for losing weight and feeling better! ;)
Ok... that's all...

I hope this post has inspired you to look for the things that make you smile! Writing this has inspired me to search for the good things again today. :) :) :)


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  1. I love happy posts and I appreciate people that take the time to look for the blessings in their life and appreciate them.

    Your post made me smile ;)