05 January, 2012

Handmake Christmas 2011, gift 11... piece de resistance!!

As the post name suggests I am particularly happy with this last Christmas gift. It was dreamt up a number of months ago and was for my Mum. My Mum lives on a large property and LOVES to garden. She uses a wheelbarrow to transport lots of tools, manure, compost, wood chip etc. She's a very organised person and so the idea of her heaping everything into the one wheelbarrow just doesn't sit right with me. So I decided to to make her a 'wheelbarrow caddy'. I wanted something to hook over the handles of her wheelbarrow that she could store all her tools in, as well as her phone, water bottle and gloves. I wanted to choose a fabric that was both waterproof and hardy, so I chose some oilcloth. I had never used oilcloth before and have to say that it is a little tricky to work with, but I got there in the end. I got some great tips from this website.

So I designed the 'wheelbarrow caddy'. It has two sides to use all available space and the straps loop over the handles of the wheelbarrow and will have a snap closure.

Introducing... the 'wheelbarrow caddy'...

I also added some embellishment to a new set of her favourite gloves for a giggle. :) P.S Please ignore the horribly dirty table that I have stupidly taken all the photographs on... ;)
This side stores her phone, water bottle, gloves and has a large section for other miscellaneous stuff.

This side stores her 3 favourite gardening tools. 

So, there it is. I don't have a pic of it in action yet, but will get one and post it when I can. :)

Ok, that's it!! That's all 11 Christmas gifts done... phew... it was quite an effort... now to put my feet up and relax... NOT! I've got 2 baby showers and a gazillion birthdays in January. Not to mention the skirt and 2 dresses that I want to make myself!! back to the sewing machine I go... ;)

See ya...


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