25 August, 2011

Handmake Christmas 2011 - join me in the challenge

I LOVE giving gifts, I love thinking about giving gifts, I love it when you find the perfect gift for someone you love... for me, it's a thrill!! So, guess what... I LOVE Christmas! I love that we get to celebrate the birth of Jesus by... giving GIFTS!!! Hoorah!!

I am also passionate about hand making gifts. I think it says to the recipient that they are so important in your life that you have used some of your most valuable asset, your time, and created a masterpiece, just for them. What a joy!! :)

So, this year I am attempting to hand make all my Christmas gifts. There will be a few exceptions. We have already planned and booked professional photographers to photograph all of the Harwood side of our family (so that's all of my in-laws) and we will be doing the same thing for my side of the family Christmas 2012. I have also bought gifts for all 4 of my nephews... lets face it, they don't really appreciate it anyway. :) So, that leaves... Tim, Lachie, Adele, my parents, my parents-in-law (can't help it, already have ideas for them so will just have to give them 2 presents), my 2 sisters and sister-in-law, my brother and brother-in-law and my 3 nieces. Oh... and any friends that I end up adding in... :)

Ok... so that's.. 15!!!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHH.... better get creating!!

One of my special crafting friends is joining me in the 'Handmake Christmas 2011' challenge. With her permission I might put up a few of her projects because I wont be able to put up many pics of my projects prior to Christmas as my family sometimes take a look.

So... want to join us??? Let me know... it'd be so fun to have a little group do the 'Handmake Christmas 2011' challenge. You can join in if you decide to make 1 or 50 gifts!  Just have a go!

Ok... here's a pic of the first gift I've made. It's for my brother. I'm pretty safe putting it up here as he is not into blog/facebook/etc. Have a look...

I found this pacman fabric and HAD to have it! My brother used to love pacman so it is perfect for a gift for him.
Here are the PJ pants I made for him. I got some of his current trackies to get the size and went from there. Please excuse my ripped jeans and other washing on the line behind the PJ's. No posh photo shoots on my blog!! :)
Ok... lets do it!! Christmas 2011!! It's going to be AWESOME!! :)



  1. Dear Kerryn,

    Let's hope that I finish some of my projects for you to put up! he he he

    YEY - I'm doing the Christmas challenge with Kerryn. Goodbye plastic, hello thinking cap!

    Good work Kerryn, on your start. Now to my craft room

  2. I made lots last Christmas. It is a thrill both for the creator and the recipient. Enjoy your craft, Kerryn.