29 August, 2011

A card, seed progress pic and a fail... ;)

A good friend of mine has just announced her first pregnancy. I am so thrilled for her and her husband. :) I think my voice rose about 2 octaves when she told me. I then proceeded to question her in quick, short bursts for the next 5 minutes...

Anyway, I wanted to be the first to send her a congratulations card... so I was able to get into my craft room for a few minutes a few days later and made her a card. Here it is...

Next order of business... a quick pic of the seedlings that Lachie and I are raising together.

After a fairly rocky start (thanks to some Lachie induced flooding) the are coming along quite nicely. I'm just getting the garden weeded and manured up so it is ready for it's new plants.
 Lastly, a fail... I have been making another pair of pj pants for my  Handmake Christmas 2011 challenge. I took the sizing off a  pair of board shorts and forgot that board shorts are quite tight fitting. Cotton pj pants are not! FAIL! So, my gorgeous overseas bought fabric is now sadly sitting in a pile of shame. It was my absolute favourite fabric and I don't have enough to make a second pair. I know I can add another section in to make them bigger but then they'll look dumb! Boo... that is all... Yes, taking a moment to have a whinge...



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