13 August, 2011

My very first home decor project

Tim and I completely overhauled our ugly, musk-stick pink bedroom last year. We put in carpet, built-in wardrobe and of course, we painted. We also bought a new quilt cover and have finally replaced the horrible blinds. We found some gorgeous striped fabric and got them made into curtains. The colours in the fabric match our quilt cover, wall and carpet perfectly but it is a very different pattern. I wanted to tie our quilt cover and curtains together in some way so decided to make a cushion cover. I finally got around to it last night and am so happy with the results. Now I know that cushion covers are not the most difficult thing to sew, but I am still super happy with my very first home decor sewing project. :)

So... here it is...

Here you can see quilt cover and curtains. Our room is a work in progress. We still need to decorate, get new bedside tables and lamps. I am going to attempt the lamp shades myself. :) So... watch this space...
Ok, that's all for now...


  1. Go Kerryn - you are doing a beautiful job!! (Janet)

  2. thanks Janet! It's lots of fun!! :)