14 August, 2011

Wooden Box Makeover

Recently I was given a wooden storage box to put my sewing stuff in. I nearly threw it out because it was not my taste, but I decided to see if I could give it a new life... and a new purpose.

Here is the box in all it's ugliness...

Here's a quick step by step guide if you're keen to do something similar...

You will need;

ugly box
tools to remove metal findings
2 paint colours

Step 1 - Remove all hinges, screws, chains etc.
Step 2 - Give the whole box a bit of a sand to help the new paint stick.
Step 3 - Choose your 2 paint colours and paint two coats of the undercoat colour.

I chose a really light peachy pink as my undercoat
 Step 4 - paint two coats of the top colour.

Step 5 - Choose a fine sandpaper and get sanding. I started with the corners and edges. Go reasonably slowly so that you don't sand off more than you want.

240 Grit sandpaper
Step 6 - Once you are happy with the look of your box then give it a wipe with a damp cloth to get rid of the fine paint dust that builds up during sanding.
Step 7 - re-attach the hinges, screws, chain etc

And here's the finished project... :)

As mentioned before I will re-purposing my box. So... watch this space. I will be using it in a few months and will post pics of the final product.

Ok... that's all for now... :)


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