05 September, 2011

Father's Day 2011 good times complete with a towelling hat

Yesterday was Father's day 2011. I am blessed to have a wonderful father, a wonderful father-in-law and wonderful father to my kids. I would not swap any of them! Truly!!

Yesterday we celebrated father's day with my family and also celebrated my Uncle's 60th birthday. It was a really lovely day!! I had been looking forward to it for weeks because I had made Dad a really special present. My Dad LOVES towelling hats! They are not the most attractive or fashionable things in the world but hey, whatever, he loves them! They are not available anymore and he has been using one for years that is pretty much dead now. So, I decided to try and make him one. And... it worked!!! :)

Here's a pic of his old towelling hat and yes, that is my sisters finger through a hole in the top. :)

To make his hat I took very precise measurements from this hat and drew them onto paper to make the pattern. I kinda just 'winged it'. I've made a few hat fails before and have learnt to be very precise when measuring hats and making patterns! :)

Here are some more pics from Father's day...

Dad with Adele. She was wearing her new dress that I made. :)

Tim and Lachie cracking open the pinata for my Uncle's 60th

My brother trying to crack open the pinata with a bow and arrow

Looking hot!!! :)
Lachie made some cards for Father's day.
Ok, that's all for today!

I've been busily working on Adele's party stuff. Lots more to do... :)


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  1. Love the photos Kerryn ... can just hear your dad when he opened the hat ;-)
    Can't believe Gav is 60 ... he is still a "boy" to me!!
    Love your blogs ... thanks for sharing