07 September, 2011

Truck/Trailer/Tactor dinner for Mr Picky

My Lachie man is a terrible eater!! I have tried every trick in the book to get him to eat.

Believe me... I've tried!!!!!!!!! Lachie also has food intolerance's and so we have had him on a very strict elimination diet from the beginning of this year to work out what he reacts to. But guess what?!?!? We had to stop after months of blood, sweat and tears (lots of those) because... he just stopped eating!!! So, we needed to add more variety so that we could get some food into him...

Anyway... I can feel a child related rant coming on so I'm going to end the waffling here...

Tonight I wanted to give Lachie a really fun, fresh and healthy meal so I decided to add his favourite 3 things to the ingredient list. Trucks, Trailers and Tractors.

Add some cucumber, cheese, carrot, banana, capsicum, ham and a cube of chocolate...

... and you get one very happy boy!!

precious guy!!
So, that's it! I know it probably doesn't look like much food, but for us that was a VERY successful meal! He ate pretty much everything. He even tasted the ham! :)


till next time,


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  1. That's such a great idea. I almost wish I had a fussy eater just so I could try it out..
    Maybe not. Been there, done that with the fussy eater and no way I would want that again. I sympathise with what you are going through. Well done on your perseverance! If it's any encouragement, my daughter who was once a VERY fussy eater, she's 10 now and will eat anything and everything (except saltanas).