29 September, 2011

Sweet Adele turns 1

My sweet Adele turned 1 yesterday! I cannot believe that a whole year has passed since she join our little family. She is such a treasure and a beautiful gift from God. I love her sweet and cheeky little personality and am so enjoying seeing her blossom and grow. It's such a joy getting to know her more and more every day. :)

Here are some pics from yesterday...
Sweet Adele
I walked out of the kitchen to find Adele in a box. Lachie had 'made her into a robot'. :)

We had candle issues. Tim 'cleaned' our party drawer and now I can't find any of our candles. I could only find a 2 and a 4. Hmmm... so... simple solution. Turn the 4 into a 1!! :) Tim said I should have been an engineer. With my skill in maths... I don't think so!!

Ad hock 1 candle :)

baby likes cake!

This pic deserves a good caption... what do you reacon'??

this cracks me up! Licking the cake off the table. :)

precious lachie

cake carnage! You should've seen the kitchen.
So... that's all...

Lots of stuff to come after Adele's party... :)

Kerryn xx

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