19 September, 2011

Bubble Painting and trying out some new crafty goods

I'm in the middle of a thousand different projects (you can thank my Mum for my gift of exaggeration) at the moment so don't have a whole lot of finished projects to show you. But I was able to put together a quick card for a friend of mine today. I was so excited to finally get some ink on a new stamp set I had bought from the new Stampin' Up! catalogue. As a quick aside... If you don't know, I am a Stampin' Up! demonstrator, so if there's anything you want to purchase or if you'd like to have a workshop then let me know. :)

Anyway, I love making cards specifically with someone in mind. It makes it a whole lot more personal. So, here it is...

It's a bit hard to tell but I've stamped the envelope with the same stamp as the silhouette background stamp for some matching goodness.

Yes, I cut the "hello" out by hand. It's a bit rough in places but I was happy with it for a first attempt. :)

A few days ago I decided on a whim to do some bubble painting with Lachie. I haven't done it since I was a kid so there was a whole lot of trial and error involved.

If you're keen on doing it we used...

paint (water soluble)
enthusiastic parent (this is not essential but is desirable ;)

Now I did have a bit of a problem... no straws!... I had a very excited Lachie and couldn't bear disappointing him so... I used a piece of paper wrapped it round a knitting needle and taped it together! Huzzah!! Problem solved!

Ok, mix together paint water and a bit of detergent in a container with a wide top, we used a clean yogurt container. Stick the straw in and blow until you get lots of lovely colourful bubbles out the top. Take the paper and gently place it over the bubbles so you get the pattern of the bubbles on the paper.

And there you have it... one happy child! We only did one colour because it was late in the day, but next time we'll do a few more to make it a bit more exciting.

Supplies (minus enthusiastic parent)

Love this guy!!

Have fun bubbling...

Kerryn xx



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