21 September, 2011

*Spoiler Alert* Handmake Christmas 2011 - Do not read if you are a male in my family! ;)

I am excited to say that I have finished 3 of my 12 family Christmas gifts!! Hoorah... I'm on my way to Handmaking Christmas 2011!! And I'm happy to say that the handmaking 'bug' is spreading. I'm hearing of more and more people who are giving it a go this year! Hoorah!! :) Let me know if you are... I'd love to put your projects up here... :)

Anyway, this week I've finished my Brother-in-law and Dad's Christmas gifts. I've made them and my brother PJ pants. I absolutely LOVE all 3 of these PJ pants because they use some of my all time FAVOURITE fabrics. Here they are...

Left to right Dad's, Andrew's, Tim's. I posted pics of Tim's pacman PJ's here

My Dad loves planes and is a qualified pilot. He's going to love this fabric! It's so bright and funny!! I can totally see my dad wearing these. :)
The bad boys below have a bit of a sad story. I have totally buggered them up. My Brother-in-law wanted short PJ pants so I borrowed some of his board shorts to make the pattern from. Anyway, I totally forgot to add width to the pattern (since you want PJ's to be baggier than board shorts) and they ended up waaay too small. Ahhhhh... Anyway, I added an ugly extra panel of fabric down the outside seam of each pant leg. Gah! I'm pretty disappointed because this fabric is my absolute favourite of any fabric I have EVER bought!! I know... big call, right??

How awesome is this fabric!!!! I've got a bit left over and am planning on making myself a wallet with it. Oh yeah! Cassette tape goodness!
The pic below is a sneak peak at something I've been working on for Adele's party... ooooooooh... what is it?!?!?!?!? 2 1/2 weeks to go and still lots to do!!!! :)

Ok... happy crafting!

Kerryn xx

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