31 July, 2011

Mattress protector to dirt-busting baby pants

My precious Adele started crawling one month ago. I had forgotten how messy the crawling phase is!! Wet Winter + baby who loves outside + dirt/leaves/moss/grass/mud = A LOT of washing and lots of stained clothes! I had the idea a while ago to make her some pants with feet built in that she could wear outside over her clothes. I also didn't want to spend much on pants that I knew were going to get absolutely trashed! So I decided to use an old cot mattress protector. I had one lying around that had a few holes in it so i decided to use it for this project.

Her pants turned out really well. I made LOTS of mistakes when making them. I will be making a second pair so will hopefully perfect the design on my second attempt. :) I did use a pattern for the shoe part. The pattern is from a shop on Etsy called Twirly Bird Baby. I used some of her pants to work out the sizing for the rest of the pattern.


I started with a mattress protector

The pants!

Precious Adele

Dirty goodness!! :)

Isn't she sweet?!?!? And no, I'm not referring to myself.

Front of pants. When designing the pattern last night I forgot to add the crotch part so had to sew some in. FAIL!! :)

foot section with elastic sewn in so that the shoe part stays on her foot.


I bought soling fabric from a shop on Etsy called Shoeology. It's water/heat/cold proof and has great grip for little people who are learning to walk.

Hmmm... think i'm going to have to make a top also! That is a VERY dirty jumper. :)
Ok, see you next time,


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  1. Love the pattern. Yes Adele is so sweet! x