07 July, 2011

Mother's group mystery night dinner

I absolutely LOVE my Mother's group!! I met them at our local Early Childhood Centre when Lachie was born. We have shared lots of ups and downs together and have been able to laugh together as we walk (or stumble) down the path of parenthood. I feel very blessed to have such a great group of women around me during this journey

As Mum's we are always doing things for our kids/husbands and we rarely have time to do something for ourselves. So... I wanted to do something for each one of the Mum's in my mother's group... just for them! Not their kids, not their husbands/partners... JUST because they are worth my time and love.

I roped in another Mum from the group and we got to work. It was a surprise event, so no one knew what we were doing. We designed/made and sent out invites and then went to work making the event super special. We went out for dinner at a local restaurant. These are some of the things we did...

I made each of the Mum's a set of earrings with their favourite colours.

We made chocolate filled boxes/place tags

We asked each of the Mum's to answer a set of 'get to know you' questions then made them into a book.
The invite

We collected 30 gorgeous glasses from vinnies/thrift shops then made some of the larger ones into candles for the table centres. I also bought hundreds of pearls and made some into strands and poured the rest into the bottom of the glasses. We also cut out a stack of stamped butterflies and 'perched' them on the top of some of the glasses.

We also made paper scrolls for each of the Mum's which had a poem written by Janet and a letter written by me explaining the reason for the evening. That was my favourite part. The Mum's were so touched by the encouraging words that were written.
It was an AMAZING night! Now were getting ready for mystery night #2!! Hoorah!! :)

Ok... that's all for now... :)


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  1. Kerryn, what an amazing night it was. Thank you so much for having the idea and getting it to completion!