08 July, 2011

Lachie and Daddy pyjamas

When a friend of mine made her hubby a pair of PJ's out of this fabric I discovered some very serious and unrelenting 'fabric envy'. I finally found it at my local lincraft store. Hoorah!! I even broke my 'fabric diet' to buy some. Some may call this a lack of restraint breaking my 'diet' on day 2, but I call it necessity! Some fabrics just belong in the 'need' and not the 'want' category... right?!?!?

Anyway, I set about making some PJ pants for my 2 favourite boys. I also cutout some of the images and turned them into iron on transfers. My boys look so handsome in the matching PJ's. :)

Tim's shirt
Lachie's shirt. P.S. If anyone can tell me how to rotate this photo I will be eternally grateful!! The photo on my computer is rotated the correct way but when I upload it changes orientation!! HELP!!! ;)

LOVE these two... :)
 Aren't my boys handsome!! :)

See you next time,


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