26 July, 2011

Origami seed raising pots

Ok, I love craft! I also love gardening. So wouldn't it be great to combine the two for a super fun experience!! Well, I am happy to tell you that I have found the coolest craft/gardening (craftening??) project. It's super fun and VERY inexpensive. I visited No Ordinary Homestead and found Tiffany's video tutorial for making origami newspaper pots. The best part about the pots is that the seedlings can be planted pot and all once they are mature enough to plant in the garden. Hoorah! The video tutorial is very clear and really easy to follow.

Here's a pic of some of the pots I made

Once you've made a few they are really easy and quick to make!

Thanks Tiffany for the great idea and the clear and easy to follow tutorial!

Ok... see ya!


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