14 July, 2011

31 days of thanks

I decided last month that it would be really great to write a thank you card everyday in July. There are some truly remarkable people in my life and some great organisations in my community. These people and organisations deserve to be recognised for their wonderful gifts and for the fantastic job they do.

Why start in July?? Well, July is the middle of Winter here in Australia and so I think that's the best time to write a thank you. Whether you like to admit it or not, I believe the weather can have an impact of our mood and general feeling of 'happiness'. So, what better way to brighten up some one's winter than with a heart felt thank you card.

Once you start thinking of people to thank you soon realise how many tremendous people there are in your life/community.

Here's some people that I'll be thanking...

Parents, parents in-law (don't hate me, but I have the best in-laws ever!!), husband, friends, playgroup leaders, local police, local shopping centre security team, Doctors, free medical services... etc...

Here is a pic of some of the cards I've made

Let me know if you decide to start a '31 days of thanks' month. :)

Bye for now,



  1. You've inspired me. But it's day 14 of July and I've only done 6. Ah well, math was never my strong point!

  2. Kerryn, what a brilliant idea, and what a lovely surprise for those who receive your thank you notes.
    God bless your endeavour.

  3. oh, yes, I've started but I'm WAY behind!