30 November, 2011

Lachie's first Christmas tree

My precious Lachie is 3.5 and is now old enough to have a Christmas tree without destroying it. Unfortunately Adele is too young so we are not putting up a big Christmas tree this year. We didn't want Lachie to miss out though, so we went out last Saturday and bought him a super cheap small tree to put on top of his toy cupboard in his room. He was super excited to decorate it because we had been making our own decorations the week before. So... here it is...

Lachie's very first Christmas tree. :) I absolutely love it! It's jam packed full of special stuff that he has made and chosen. LOVE my boy! :)
These are pipe cleaner and bead wreaths... super easy to make.

Laminated Christmas trees 'decorated' with paper baubles. :)

laminated stars. Tip: before laminating write your child's name and the year on the back so that you have a record in years to come of which child made the ornament and how old they were. :)
We let Lachie choose a few decorations from Kmart. He chose these cute little mushroom ornaments. :)

He also chose this super fantastic tinsel!!
Lachie and Tim decorating the tree

Look at the concentration on his face. :)
I wanted lachie to make a star for the top of the tree. So I bought a gorgeous cardboard star ornament from a craft store for him to paint...

Then he added some star sequins on one side and some cut up tinsel (I didn't have any glitter so cut up tinsel was my best option ;) on the other side. I cut off the cord and poked a hole in the bottom so that I could stick some wire into the star. I used a wire coat hanger...

... I left a straight section that was long enough to go from my hole all the way to the top of the star and then used two pairs of pliers to bend the wire into a spiral.

Tada!! A little 'rustic' but it serves our purpose perfectly!

And here it is!! :)

And the reverse side. :)
 I am so loving sharing the joy of Christmas with Lachie this year. We've got stacks more ornaments to make, I'll post some pics when they're done. :)

Ok, that's all for today...


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