15 November, 2011

Special gift for a special baby

I am excited to say that I have, for the very first time, dabbled in quilting!! And, I loved it!!! I made a little floor rug/baby blanket for a precious little girl born to a friend of mine in my Mother's Group. Now, I didn't do any fabric piecing, but, in my mind I used a number of 'quilting' type techniques... so... I'm calling it a quilt. :)

Here it is...
I used this tutorial for the binding. I really enjoyed hand sewing the binding, it was quite therapeutic. :)

I wish I'd given the quilt a good iron before taking this pic. I've quilted little hearts all over the quilt. It took FOREVER!! I cut out paper hearts and placed them on the quilt then drew around them all with fabric marker and then machine quilted with a regular machine foot. I don't have a free motion foot (is that what it's called??).

Close up of the hearts

The backing was a really fine corduroy. Totally gorgeous. :)
So, for all you amazing quilters out there... please be kind!! I'm super happy with it! My friend loved it to... Yay!! :)

Ok... till next time...



  1. Beautiful!!!! You did a wonderful job and should be very proud...I would be.
    I would love a 'walking foot' too. One day :)

  2. You should be proud, it looks great! I love the fabric you've chosen and the little hearts. I quite like hand sewing the binding too, its nice to just sit and do something a bit mindless every now and then.

    I have a walking foot and a free motion foot, I use the free motion foot for my quilting (to do the wiggly lines). The walking foot is good for straight lines over thick or slippery fabrics.