08 November, 2011

A dress... for me!

Last Sunday we had some family photos done with all of Tim's side of the family. Our dress colour scheme for the photos was blue/pink/purple/neutrals. I bought a really gorgeous blue top from portmans but when I got it home I realised that it didn't sit very well with my jeans (yes, I had kids with me and I bought it in a massive rush). So... I decided to make it into a dress...

I had a dress that I bought last year that I loved but didn't wear a lot because the top buttons always popped open (no, it wasn't too small ;) I had previously cut the skirt part out of the dress and put some pleats in the top so that it fit me around the waist.

the original dress... can you tell that I hate ironing??
Below is a pic of the skirt and the top from Portmans. Sorry for the crap pic. :)

Here's the completed dress... :)

I wore it with a belt around the waist. I would show you a photo with me in it but when I looked at the pic Tim took I couldn't put it up... exercise and diet coming my way!

 Ok... that's all...



  1. I wish I had your talent! ARGH I wish!

  2. Oooh! So pretty! Thanks for linking up! I'm glad ya did!