14 November, 2011

Gift - Butterfly Cushion Cover

I have a bit of a theory about taking gifts from the idea phase to the making phase. You've got to wait for the idea to go from your head to your heart. I know that might sound a little corny but, as someone who gets carried away with a gazillion gift ideas, I need a way to cull my ideas. As a Christian I also believe that Jesus knows who needs some extra love and so I place my ideas in his hands and wait for him to place them back in my heart. Only then do I run to my fabric, thread and machine and get going. :) I find that when I wait on Him the gifts I make really touch the people who receive them.

Anyway... blah blah blah...

Yesterday I was able to give a gift to a special friend. I was super excited about it!! So, here it is...

Felt butterfly cushion cover. In real life the fabric is much richer and deeper and more delicious. ;)

The butterflies were cut out using my Big shot die cutting machine. :)

I love a good fabric covered button

some of the felt was glittery... which was perfect for my friend. :)

I love to take a bit of extra effort when I gift wrap.

So, that's it!!



  1. You have a die cutting machine!! Remind me to discuss this with you tomorrow!

    Oh yeah, and the cushion looks awesome. ;)

  2. c'est trop beau, j'adore cette envolée de papillons

  3. How beautiful!! Purple & butterflies- two of my most favourite things! I LOVE it! I must learn how to sew. Great job!