24 October, 2011

Gifts and bows...

After Adele's party I had a massive, unexpected, creative slump... but now I'm back into it again. Hoorah! I'm super excited to have made some progress into a few more of my Christmas gifts. Hoorah again! I've also been taking some time out to make gifts for people who need a bit of extra love. As i've mentioned before, I am so passionate about gift making and gift giving. One step better... making a gift for someone for no reason other than to let them know that they are loved, valued, precious and always in my thoughts and prayers. :) So this week i'll be making a few gifts... 'just because'. :)

The first gift i've made is a fabric covered art journal. I'd never done one before and am happy with the way it ended up. I took the whole book apart to cover it and then put it back together again. If you're keen for a tutorial then let me know and i'll see if I can get one together. :)

Anyway... here are some pics...

The purple fabric in real life is an awesome electric purple colour. It looks really drained of colour here. It's actually quite vibrant and delicious!! ;)

This is the opening page. The book is a little bigger than A4 so the lettering is quite large. I cut the lettering out with my big shot die cutting system. 'Hope' is in purple.

As mentioned last post I have made a little brooch to pin to Adele's new dress. I used one of the straps from my bargain top to make it and hot glued it onto a brooch back. So cute!

Here it is on the dress.
Ok, that's all for now! How about sending a card or gift to someone special today?? :)


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  1. That fabric work is too gorgeous. It is fully designed and white colour make it more and more attractive. I had one childhood frock, you remind my old stuffs.