21 October, 2011

A dress for Adele... 2 weeks late... :)

Well I've spent a lovely day sewing!! I love how creating gives you a chance to grab hold of a bit of joy and claw yourself back into the land of 'Happy'. :)

Today I made the dress that I wanted to make for Adele to wear to her party. 2 weeks late... as Lachie would say... "not to worry".

I am so in love with the fabric! It's part of Sarah Jane's, Children at Play range. Isn't it gorgeous!!!!!

I bought this top at Myer for $2!!! I saw it on the sale rack and couldn't go past it. I just knew it would come in handy for something. I cut the bottom off for the base of her dress. I also reused a few of the buttons for the back of her dress. There's still stacks left so lets see what else it comes in handy for... :)

See!! From $35 down to $2!!! Score!! :)

I LOVE the cute little buttons. :)

Isn't the fabric just divine!! :)
I am planning on making a little brooch to add to the top section of the dress for a little bit of extra colour and maybe a little bit of hair embellishment-y goodness... Hmmm... we'll see... :)

Ok, till next time...


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  1. That dress is beautiful! I love the fabric and the eyelet. I'm big on repurposing clothing for new projects too :)