10 June, 2012

Lachie's 4th party

When Lachie turned 4 I promised myself that I would just do a super simple party... NO decorations, easy catering (actually, that's pretty normal for me... I'm not much into cooking), NO crazy amount of sewing or crafty stuff!!! BUT... I just had to slip a few things in... ;)

Here is some super easy felt bunting I made for the party. It was really simple to make. I used one row of stitching at the top to create a casing, then used some cord to slip through the top of each piece and then tied a knot in between each piece to stop it sliding together and bunching up. I love how clean and fresh it looks. :)
the all important food table :)

The invites

I made some lego frames to decorate the food table with. I used one of them to frame the 'menu' that Lachie had chosen. :)

I also made some fondant letters and numbers. I used maybe about one tenth of the ones made... estimation FAIL!!!

more frames

Lachie wanted some "huuuuge biscuits" at his party. It's hard to see by these photos but they are actually the size of a small child's head!! ;)

The obligatory fairy bread pic!

He wanted a "black cake with smarties". Sweeet... how easy is that!?!?! I plonked the cake on a lego board and got Tim to write "Lachie" in lego (yes, I'm a bit 'challenged' when it comes to lego creations).

Lastly, a pic of my precious boy!! :)
Ok, that's all!


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  1. Love it! So simple, yet so gorgeous and exciting at the same time!