06 June, 2012

Adele's winter warmers, jacket # 1

Over the last few months I have been sewing a few bits and pieces to add to Adele's winter wardrobe. We are trying to save money where we can and I have lots of fabric stashed away, so it made sense to try and sew some of the more expensive pieces and just buy the basics.  I haven't managed to sew as much as I wanted... but winter has only just begun... so there's still hope... right?!?!?! ;)

Anyway, I made the pattern for this little jacket and was super happy with the way it turned out. I have only just got the hang of bias binding and so this project was a great chance for me to practice with my new found skills. I am not disappointed... I now LOVE bias binding!! :)

Anyway, here's the jacket (and my sweet girl).

My baby LOVES shoes! I'm not sure what was so funny about this one though! ;)

Hope you like it! I do. :)


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