07 March, 2012

My very first piece of patch work...

One of my very special girlfriends just had her first baby, a precious little girl. I wanted to make for her something extra special to welcome the arrival of her first baby.

I've been working on this little baby floor rug/blanket for a little while and got it finished the very same day that the little one arrived. How's that for a coincidence. :)

Anyway, it was my first try at pieced quilting and I really enjoyed it. I just working it out as I went along. I'm pretty sure there is stacks I could have done better, but I'm really happy with the overall result. :)

So, here it is...

I quilted the rug with little hearts in white cotton so the hearts are quite subtle.
This is the backing fabric. So cute. :)
Here is the gift that I gave my friend for her baby shower. All the fabric matches. Ahhhh... the joy of matching... :)
 Ok, that's all for today...


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